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Tasha a.k.a Seasoned Eater

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My foodie quick-fire round

Food Love: Shellfish (Clams)
Food Hate: Goat’s Cheese
Cuisine of choice: Italian (Neapolitan to be precise)
Favourite local product: Piggery Smokery Ultra-thin bacon (Pepperback thin & Dark Dubloch varieties)
Favourite local restaurant: Rothesay Rooms (Chef – Ross Cochrane)
Past-time of choice: Wining and Dining (obviously)
Pet Peeve: Under-seasoned food
Geek out about: Wine
Previously: President of Aberdeen Wine & Food Society
Reading: Stanley Tucci’s Taste
Watching: Gordon. Gino & Fred

Tasha a.k.a Seasoned Eater

I’m Tasha, a food blogger from Aberdeenshire. My foodie addiction is funded by my day job in Oil & Gas.

I am lucky to have a family of foodies, and I associate many of my earliest memories with what I was eating at the time, be that tomato sauce sandwiches I would request for my primary 1 lunches, my favourite childhood dish of kedgeree (my 83 year old Nana still makes it for me occasionally), the coleslaw I made at school the day my sister was born, to my Mum taking me for my first michelin experience at the ripe old age of 13!

My parent’s are 100% responsible for this addiction of mine, despite the fact they are continually flabesrgated at my dedication to the cause and how many places we can eat at in one day. My sister can vouch that trips away with me consist of the usual three meals of the day plus my personal favourite ‘drinks and snacks’ which is my way of sneaking in another couple of delicious morsels.

I enjoy trying food from all around the world, and my (turned foodie) husband and I plan all our holidays and breaks away around where we are eating and drinking. I include drinking as being Scottish that is another passion of ours, however, for me less so in our national drink and more so in wine. I have been attending wine tastings and courses for the last ten years or so (another one I blame my Dad for) and finally got round to completing my first qualification in wine a couple of years ago, with plans to continue on this path. Fun fact: I spend more time reading about wine than I do drinking it 😉

I eventually started my foodie instagram account during lockdown after being nagged at for sometime by those who knew me. It started with me just posting more and more about food on my personal account during lockdown as a way to keep in touch with foodie friends, and because I now had a bit more time to play around in the kitchen. It quite quickly became all about food, and so it was only appropriate I renamed the account to a more suitable name – Seasoned Eater.

Why did I pick Seasoned Eater?

Well there are two reasons, firstly ‘seasoned’ being the description of someone who has been around forever, doing what they do and doing it well, and secondly my pet hate is underseasoned food, it’s something so simple that can really make or break a good dish for me.

My instagram continues to be my main outlet for showcasing the restaurants I visit, the food I devour, the local produce I love to eat, and occasionally dishes my husband and I whip in our kitchen at home.